Nothing to do with China.
Not even in China.


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My main reason for coming to China was to print some books.
Here they are.
All done.

Sneak preview.

Nothing really...

Here is a church in China.

Here is my father and I wearing life jackets.

I don't know who this kid is in relation to me but look at it's haircut.

My turtle, Woo Gway.
He is 25.
He likes beef.
I have probably only seen him for 5 hours total in my whole life but he is still mine.
He hides heaps and likes to eat raw beef.

Art Gallery

I went to an art gallery today.
It was boring.
I got go sign something though. I don't know what it was though.
I don't know why I wrote so small on it.
I also don't know why I didn't draw a penis on it.

The outside of the gallery looked good.
The inside was full of 'I don't remember'.


Food is like totally important and shit here.
Here is some food stuff.

My Grandmother is chewing on a pigeon head. Great...

My Uncle is full.
He is a Pimp.
For reals.

Here is some eating footage...

Drawing... ? Art...?

Since this is a drawing project I better do some drawing.
I'm taking on the style of Chinese calligraphy for this series of drawings.


My Grandfather likes to play the violin

Here's my grandfather again.
He is pretty rad.
Whilst at work he plays his violin all day.
He also just bought a keyboard.
We jammed together but I was a real life dick and didn't record any of that.