Nothing to do with China.
Not even in China.


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My main reason for coming to China was to print some books.
Here they are.
All done.

Sneak preview.

Nothing really...

Here is a church in China.

Here is my father and I wearing life jackets.

I don't know who this kid is in relation to me but look at it's haircut.

My turtle, Woo Gway.
He is 25.
He likes beef.
I have probably only seen him for 5 hours total in my whole life but he is still mine.
He hides heaps and likes to eat raw beef.

Art Gallery

I went to an art gallery today.
It was boring.
I got go sign something though. I don't know what it was though.
I don't know why I wrote so small on it.
I also don't know why I didn't draw a penis on it.

The outside of the gallery looked good.
The inside was full of 'I don't remember'.


Food is like totally important and shit here.
Here is some food stuff.

My Grandmother is chewing on a pigeon head. Great...

My Uncle is full.
He is a Pimp.
For reals.

Here is some eating footage...

Drawing... ? Art...?

Since this is a drawing project I better do some drawing.
I'm taking on the style of Chinese calligraphy for this series of drawings.


My Grandfather likes to play the violin

Here's my grandfather again.
He is pretty rad.
Whilst at work he plays his violin all day.
He also just bought a keyboard.
We jammed together but I was a real life dick and didn't record any of that.

My Grand Dad is a PIMP

Check out this 73 year old Pimp.

ZHOU ZHUN YU reads Norgacs1 - Poetry for the Perverted

I've spent ages teaching my 73 year old grand father how to read my poems.
He does not know what he is saying.
I have given up.
This all of the footage I have.
It is funny.

Maybe he will become a youtube star.


Ok so my Uncle is crazy.
He is growing wasps so that he can eat them.

He has a bottle of whiskey that has been aging for ten years.
He made it himself.
Inside there are 100 of these little wasp things.

This wasp nest thing is right outside my window. Yuck.
They are actually quite cute though.
Cute but big.

Apparently one sting will knock you out.
Two or three will send you into a coma.
Five and above will kill you.


So this is my road.
Xihua Lu (highlighted in pink).

Jinping Building is my building I think (highlighted in green), but I am not actually that sure because I don't know what the English translation of it is.
Oh well, let's just pretend.

Night time light shows....

This stretch of water is a popular attraction for both tourists ad locals.
Companies in china like to show who is the most successful/who has the most money to waste, by turning their building into night time light shows.
They definitely look amazing but I would hate to see how much electricity they are wasting by doing so.

They make the water look great too...

These are the boring boats I was previously talking about.
At night they don't look so boring.

Mental Menu...

My aunty and I went to this restaurant today.
The menu totally freaked me out.

Looks normal-ish here....

But take a closer look....
It's fish soup so those eyes belong to two different fish.
Sorry, but this is hardly appetising.

Dog Market

Oh dear, this place is a nightmare.
I don't even have to say much.
The pictures explain it all.
Remember that the temperature is 38 degrees and most of these wee dogs are outside.

Lots of dogs are either really sick or have mental problems.

The red stuff on some of the dogs' ears is tape. It's to keep their ears perky. Rude.

These pigs are also at the dog market.
They are pretty freaken cute yo.

Beijing Street/Road

Beijing Street/Road is the busiest street/road in Guangzhou.
It has on average, one million people walk through it each day.
That is heaps bro.

I don't know why it is named after Beijing. Nor do I care enough to find out sorry.


So yea, most of my close family in china works in the spring/engineering business.
Apart from my grandmother who is a very successful herbal doctor.

Anyway, I went to one of the spring factories to collect some springs for Teina...
I also got this brother to make Teina a spring. You can see him making it in the video.

Note: the kid in the video and the pictures IS NOT a worker. Just a worker's kid who is visiting him!!! I promise.

Also note that this is not a typical Chinese factory.
My family's factories are well known for treating their workers very well and having very good working conditions.
They feed their workers, house their workers and treat them like friends.
So yea, that's rad.

Teina, this shit is for you.

Electronic art?

Some more electronic art....

Boats and shiz

I went on a boat today...
It wasn't very fun.

This is a restaurant on a boat.

This is the view from the boat.

Some electronic art...?

Im just using some footage that I have taken to make a bit of electronic art....


I really like these two images that I took because these really show the fast movement which is what china is all about.
These two images really do some up what my time in China has been like.


I like looking at different tags around dunedin so I decided to go on the hunt for tags around Guangzhou.
I found more than I expected to actually.