Day Three

One thing that really grinds my gears (thanks Peter Griffin) is the fact that there is a major animal cruelty problem in China. This little dog lives in this cage. His owner sells vegetables at the market. He had a buddy but they were bought. This little guy is waiting for a home. While waiting, he must stay in this cage all day long. It is 35 degrees on average and he doesn't have a bowl of water handy. This is normal.

This is the daily market. Here, people buy their meat, fruit and vegetables on a daily basis. The fruit and vegetables are rad but the meat is not a cool business. It is gross to the max. You can buy all sorts of live meat here. Not much is pre killed. Only things too big to bring to the market like cow, pig and lamb. Everything else is freshly slaughtered as it is bought. Chickens, frogs, turtles, fish and so on. The living conditions of these animals are shocking. They just pile animals into bags and cages. The way they go about killing these animals is pretty horrendous. I rarely walk through the meat market as it freaks me out to the max. I took some sneaky video footage.

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